Lifting Shadows

The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater. Now in paperback.

Lifting Shadows is the authorized biography of Dream Theater.

Now available in paperback, the book traces the band’s history from their mid-1980’s Long Island origins through to the present, in full, frank and revealing detail.

This new, revised edition has been fully updated by author Rich Wilson who conducted all-new interviews with the band and others. It covers the departure of founding drummer Mike Portnoy, their search for his successor, and subsequent return to recording and touring success.

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"This long-lost but rediscovered mix of the title track marks, to the mind of Pink Floyd founding member Nick Mason, a marked improvement over the version on the original album. “I think that was the jewel in that particular crown,” he said to Sonic Reality. “It was something that I assumed had been lost forever. I thought we’d recorded over it. [ … ] I can’t imagine why we didn’t use it at the time.”

Those of you deeply into both jazz violin and progressive rock no doubt jumped right on the play button above. Quite a few more will listen — so experience has taught me — purely out of interest in anything and everything Pink Floyd has done.

Posted 17 hours, 33 minutes ago

Hear Lost Recording of Pink Floyd Playing with Jazz Violinist Stéphane Grappelli on “Wish You Were Here”
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Maria Popova writes: "One interesting observation: The majority of Eno’s favorite books were published in the 1970s and 1980s, when he was in his mid-twenties to late thirties — indication, perhaps, that this is the golden age within a lifetime, when we have transcended the know-it-all arrogance of youth, haven’t yet entered the know-it-old complacency of old age, and live with that wondrous combination of receptivity to new ideas and just enough not-yet-calcified intellectual foundation with which to integrate and contextualize them."

Deconstructing a magnificent mind through his reading diet for intellectual survival.

Posted 1 day, 14 hours ago

Brian Eno’s Reading List of Twenty Books Essential for Sustaining Human Civilization
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Hua Hsu writes: "We’ve grown accustomed to the baby-boomer-fuelled regularity of Rolling Stones reunion tours, but the return of bands like Dinosaur Jr is a reminder of how yearning for the past shapes pop history, even for generations who once thought they were too cool for it. At some point in the mid-aughts, it became commonplace for even the most dysfunctional eighties and nineties bands to reunite. Dinosaur Jr. just happens to be the rare case of a group that re-formed and remained really good. They’ve cultivated a vibe as down-to-earth elders, recording for independent labels staffed by younger admirers."

The returns of Dinosaur Jr. and De La Soul are reminders of how yearning for the past shapes pop history.

Posted 2 days, 13 hours ago

How Nostalgia Drives the Music Industry
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