Lifting Shadows

The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater. Now in paperback.

Lifting Shadows is the authorized biography of Dream Theater.

Now available in paperback, the book traces the band’s history from their mid-1980’s Long Island origins through to the present, in full, frank and revealing detail.

This new, revised edition has been fully updated by author Rich Wilson who conducted all-new interviews with the band and others. It covers the departure of founding drummer Mike Portnoy, their search for his successor, and subsequent return to recording and touring success.

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In the age of the digital download, CDs account for 85% of all album sales in tech-savvy Japan. Why?

For a country so technologically advanced, Japan still buy loads of Compact Discs.

Posted 11 hours, 54 minutes ago

Why Does Japan Love CDs And Hate Downloading? | NOISEY
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Rocket 88 shared Devo's post.

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh to score 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

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Devin Townsend: “I thought writing a book was going to be easy. It wasn’t. Writing about growing up, music, the creative process and connection between personal development and ‘career’ made me think about a lot of other stuff, too. Like the positive and negative experiences of making different albums, and how each one affected me mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s all here, though, from my childhood to working with Steve Vai, forming Strapping Young Lad and the Devin Townsend Project, to Casualties of Cool and finding myself only half there.” Pre-order the Signature or the Classic Edition of “Only Half There”now.

Only Half There

Posted 13 hours, 53 minutes ago

Only Half There
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