Lifting Shadows

The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater. Now in paperback.

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“It’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love,” say Barry Miles and James Birch, curators of new exhibition, The British Underground Press of the Sixties. “We wanted to show that dissent was possible and to encourage young people to fight back against Brexit and Trump, for example – to show that you can do it outside the system.”

Posted 4 hours, 50 minutes ago


Rocket 88 is with Barry Miles.

Tune in, turn on and drop out? How the word spread among the radical youth of the 1960s, at – a book and exhibition. 'Hopefully it will turn on a while new generation of people', says curator James Birch to author Barry Miles. — Products shown: British Underground Press (Classic Edition) and British Underground Press (Signature Edition).

Posted 5 hours, 39 minutes ago


It was fifty one years ago today that International Times held the launch (and fund raising) party for the first issue at London's Roundhouse. Read all about it in founding editor Miles' In The Sixties at — Products shown: In the Sixties (Classic Edition).

Posted 3 days, 10 hours ago