Lifting Shadows

The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater. Now in paperback.


Rich Wilson has truly captured the ups and downs that have made Dream Theater’s journey thus far a very interesting story… Rich has done a remarkable job tracking down almost every single person that has been a part of Dream Theater’s first twenty years.

Mike Portnoy

The lovingly detailed book does Dream Theater’s legend proud.

Metal Hammer

The full unexpurgated story of prog metal’s leading lights.

Classic Rock

In the foreword to this hefty, 450-page official story of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, the band’s drummer, explains: “It’s not a typical biography filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll road stories.” This much was to be expected; Dream Theater, a ‘thinking man’s metal band’s formed by music college graduates, are no Mötley Crüe. But every rock fan – not just Dream Theater freaks – should read this book … Lifting Shadows is more that just the story of a great rock band – the finest progressive metal act since Rush – it is also an exposé of the harsh realities of the music business.

Paul Elliott
Classic Rock

Rich Wilson has wasted little time in bringing what was already a gripping read (a damn near essential one if you’re a Dream Theater fan) bang up to date, packing in almost half as much again detailing the new album.

Jerry Ewing
Classic Rock Presents Prog

Everything you could possibly want to know about the U.S. prog metallers.

Paul Travers

The ideal Dream Theater one-stop.

Tim Jones
Record Collector

I read this book with high expectations and a sense of urgency. I had become a crazy Dream Theater nut and had read a great deal about the band over two years. Yet, my understanding of their history was not complete. Wilson’s book is methodical in nature; each period is covered in great detail. Unlike many biographies, this book does not gloss over delicate matters (such as Portnoy’s substance addictions). Nor does it serve as a “Behind the Music” type of foray only into intra-band squabbles. The book gives a balanced and ultimately inspiration account of some of the greatest musicians of their generation.

Phil Simon

A fantastic journey through 20 years of Dream Theater history.

Szabolcs Gergely
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Not with all of them, obviously – check to get the whole story and nothing but the whole story…

Fairport Convention will reunite with former members at this year’s Cropredy to celebrate band’s 50th anniversary.

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Fairport Convention to reunite with former members at Cropredy
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This week marked the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s brilliant second single ‘See Emily Play’ and the unveiling of the blue plaque celebrating Syd Barrett. We have got together with The Flood Gallery and the Syd Barrett Estate, who have commissioned an exclusive limited edition silk-screen print poster that celebrates the song, Syd, and Pink Floyd. The Flood Gallery are also offering, for a limited time, special deals for the poster and for 'Barrett' - the critically-acclaimed illustrated history of Syd Barrett’s creative life – the only book to have been made in conjunction with the Barrett family. To find out more please go to:

Posted 5 days, 4 hours ago

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Rocket 88 shared BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's live video.

Today the blue plaque in memory of Syd Barrett (Official) was unveiled at the Cambridge School of Art. All of Syd's known artworks, and photographs by Syd, are collected in Barrett: The Definitive Visual Companion. The book is also full of unseen and rare images of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, including during the early days at art school in Cambridge. Syd's sister Rosemary, who unveils of a plaque here, has also signed the Signature edition of the book. Full details here:

Live from a very special unveiling of a blue plaque in memory of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett who studied at the Cambridge School of Art. #bbcmusicday #pinkfloyd #sydbarrett

Posted 6 days, 19 hours ago

Live from a very special unveiling of a blue plaque in memory of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett who studied at the Cambridge School of Art. #bbcmusicday #pinkfloyd #sydbarrett
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